Types of Yoga Teacher Training and What to Expect

Types of Yoga Teacher Training and What to Expect

31 August 2021
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Yoga teacher training varies in not only the methods available, but also in the type of yoga. Each type of yoga has different expectations. Each type of yoga also has slightly different training requirements. Here are a few of the top yoga types available and what to expect with their training requirements.

Asana Yoga

Asana yoga deals with yoga in poses. This means you are given a pose and you hold it for a specified amount of time. The key to training and teaching this type of yoga is making sure the posture is right and the body core is being held correctly by the student. During training, you will learn the different poses as well as the modified poses for beginners and people with stiffness issues. Once you have mastered these asanas yourself, you will then teach the asanas under the watchful eyes of your trainer or trainers. Certification times vary depending on the training program or institute.

Power Yoga

Power yoga is a fitness-based yoga. This yoga utilizes the traditional poses or asanas of yoga along with vinyasas. VInyasas are yoga positions that are done in a pattern. This requires a teacher to learn the poses, the sequence of those poses and how to flow through them at a rapid rate to increase the fitness aspect of the yoga session. Power yoga training can be intense and held over a week or weekend. If you already have a prior history of yoga training, you may be able to take this type of yoga training as continued education or an add-on certification.

Yoga Anatomy Training

While you may think that yoga training is for different yoga styles, there are some other types of yoga training that should be considered. If you plan on making teaching yoga a career, one option to consider is yoga anatomy training. This course is offered to practising yoga trainers. This training allows you to understand the anatomy of the body clearly in order to focus on different strengths, weaknesses and problem areas of your students during sessions. 

When you are ready to begin training for your career as a yoga instructor, check out a local yoga teacher training course or certification centre. You can enrol in the training courses that fit your yoga training goals. You can also discuss training courses that offer advanced training. If you have any questions, be sure to ask at the first meeting with the training centre.